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The Hidden Business of the Internet

The Internet was made for everyone but is being hijacked by big corporations that are turning people into products without their knowledge or consent. Check out what we did to expose the hidden business of the Internet on a busy street in Hamburg, Germany.

Questions about the hidden business of the Internet? Watch THIS

Very inspiring presentation by

@EvanRoth_ held at the #32c3 about his personal quest to visualize and reconnect with a changing Internet landscape.

The MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2015) is such a hardware engineering masterpiece... truly love the overall experience so far - and yes, this does actually include the keyboard ;-)

MacBook w/ MacBook w/ BB8 sticker from

Fast, light, and performant mobile web apps are possible even on mediocre devices. My 18 minute talk explains: ...
You haven't really seen anyone not give a fuck until you've asked a 4yr old to get dressed quicker because you have a project meeting at 9